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Key info:

  • Target hp: 150-600-650
  • T3 Twin Scroll
  • Dual Racing Ball Bearings
  • Forged Billet 7 blade compressor wheel
  • Inconel turbine wheel
  • Dynamic Antisurge
  • Watercooled (optional plugged)
  • 1 year warranty
Model/Product no.: C2-R6559-11
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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free shipping (Turbo)
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Great turbo for drifting applications, or smaller displacement engines looking for the 500-600hp power levels. Comes really fast on boost and operates nicely in center of map. The turbo utilize the same turbine configuration as the C1-R6159 family turbos, but now stepping up in C2 dynamic flow antisurge compressor housing with sligthly more area. The 65mm compressor inducer requires less turbo shaft rpms which means we get less back-pressure on the turbine. We have many 3.0L drifting cars (supras etc.) running this turbo on both T4 single scroll, T3 twin scroll (this turbo) or T4 twin scroll setup.


Target HP level: 600*
Recommended Min/Max HP: 150 - 650*


Forged Billet 7 blade wheel
Inducer: 65mm
Exducer: 94mm
Inlet: 4'
Outlet: 2,5'
Area: 16 cm2
A/R: 0.70
Dynamic style Antisurge
Inconel wheel:
Exducer: 59mm
Inducer: 70mm
Inlet: T3 Twin Scroll
Outlet: 3' V-flange
Area: 14,7cm2
A/R: 0.70
Dual Racing Ball Bearing
Water cooled (optional plugged)
Water inlet/outlet: M16x1.5 (Diagram 40)
Oil inlet: M10x1 (Diagram 30)
Oil outlet flange: (Diagram 31)
Weight: 7kg (depending on turbine)

*Target HP  is near center of compressor map on highest efficiency. Turbo will flow more in top end of compressor map.  Max hp is recommended max HP on pump gas, not actual maximum choke line hp.


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