895,00 €

Ball bearing



  Target power Max power
Pump gas  250 - 550 hp  650 hp
E85 250 - 600 hp 700 hp




This turbo is the perfect match for the typical 1.3 - 2.5L engine applications or twin turbo setup. It is compact turbo utilizing the C177 compressor housing. This turbo is perfect for the typical range of 300-550hp and for those that needs the extra power to get to / above a target power of 500hp and still have low back-pressure. It spools-up really fast and aggressive, and will ensure the smile and stomack feeling we all are looking for when pressing the pedal. You will not be dissapointed by this turbo!

Also ideal for twin turbo applications, engine size 2.0L - 6.0L for 600 - 1000hp

Great option for MC projects, engine size 0.5L - 2.0L, e.g. drag racing etc.

Price includes turbo and turbine housing as well as turbine inlet gasket, oil inlet nipple and oil outlet gasket


  Compressor Turbine
Wheel inducer  59 mm  74 mm
Wheel exducer 84 mm 58.3 mm
Wheel blades 7+7 Billet 10 Inconel
Housing inlet 4' Hose connection


Turbine options:

3B T3 Single scroll inlet | 9cm2 | 0.63 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

3D T3 Twin scroll inlet | 14.7cm2 | 0.70 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet


Housing outlet 2' Hose connection


Double ball bearing cartridges

Oil inlet includes internal restrictor for correct oil mist supply



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