1.150,00 €

Ball bearing

  Target power Max power
Pump gas  450 - 850 hp  1000 hp
E85 450 - 900 hp 1050 hp




The C313 model is the bigger brother of C238 models. Still compact and still very powerfull for +1000hp. A perfect match turbo for the 450 - 900hp target power. It provides absolute quickest spool-up for the power levels.

Price includes turbo and turbine housing as well as turbine inlet gasket, oil inlet nipple and oil outlet gasket.


  Compressor Turbine
Wheel inducer  72 mm  88 mm
Wheel exducer 103 mm 73 mm
Wheel blades 7+7 Billet 10 Inconel
Housing inlet 4' Hose connection


Turbine options:

4D T4 Twin scroll inlet | 19cm2 | 1.05 A/R | 3.5' V-flange outlet


Housing outlet 2.5' Hose connection


Double ball bearing cartridges

Oil inlet includes internal restrictor for correct oil mist supply



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