875,00 €

Ball bearing



  Target power Max power
Pump gas  150 - 400 hp  480 hp
E85 150 - 420 hp 500 hp




Great for 1.0L - 2.0L engine applications. Developed specifically to provide absolute earliest possible spool-up for a target power 150 - 400hp

Extremely compact and powerfull turbo. It is the first within our range of the competition line turbos with the MPR logo on the casting. The C124 compressor housing is configured to match exactly the 400hp target power mark. No reason to go for any bigger setup if target power is no more than 400hp. This turbo will ensure the absolute quickest spool-up and still low shaft rpm (and low back-pressure) due to the 49.5mm compressor inducer wheel which provide more flow on its own than 400hp configured within the volute volume of the compressor housing. In other words, this turbo will get you on boost extremely aggressive and quick and provide a typical 150-400hp target range power for 1.0L - 2.0L engine displacements.

Also ideal for twin turbo applications or MC projects

Price includes turbo and turbine housing as well as turbine inlet gasket, oil inlet nipple and oil outlet gasket


  Compressor Turbine
Wheel inducer  49 mm  61.5 mm
Wheel exducer 70 mm  49.5 mm
Wheel blades 7+7 Billet 10 Inconel
Housing inlet 3' Hose connection


Turbine options:

2A T2 Single scroll inlet | Internal WG | 9cm2 | 0.63 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

3A T3 Single scroll inlet | Internal WG | 9cm2 | 0.63 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

3B T3 Single scroll inlet | 9cm2 | 0.63 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

3D T3 Twin scroll inlet | 14.7cm2 | 0.70 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet


Housing outlet 2' Hose connection


Double ball bearing cartridges

Oil inlet includes internal restrictor for correct oil mist supply



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