743,75 € 875,00 €

Ball bearing

  Target power Max power
Pump gas  300 - 600 hp  700 hp
E85 300 - 650 hp 725 hp



This is our most compact racing turbo. And for good reason. It ensures absolute quickest spool-up for the target power and have as small foot-print in a tight engine bay. If you plan to run a safe and cold 600hp on pump gas as the daily target power (not max power), then there is no reason to look for a bigger turbo. This beast of a turbo will provide just that and ensures absolute aggressive spool-up. It just provide some of the biggest smiles when the pedal meets the floor.

The 10 blade 62mm turbine wheel ensures a still low back-pressure for the target power. It utilized the compact C177 compressor housing and fits the largest possible 62mm compressor inducer wheel. To make a really good racing turbo it is a a fine balance to match correct flow up against volute volume inside a compressor housing. Other manufactores choose comprimize by utilizing same size compressor housing across a wide range of wheel sizes to minimize production cost and complexity. However, unnecessary big volute volume inside a compressor housings will have a negative effect on spool-up. And having a large range of wheel paired for same volute volume compressor housing will provide comprimized across the range.

Our focus is each individual turbo  on its own. We have configurd for excact match of volute volume for targeted power leves of each unit. We have paired with a narrow selected range of wheel sizes to match the volute volume, and configured profiles for lowest possible shaft rpm requirements inside the turbo. Lower shaft rpm of the axle of the turbo, and having same flow capacity, is one of the several factors to provide the quick spool-up. This turbo is perfect example: +600hp in the most compact and fast spooling setup possible. Perfect for small engine displacement, drift cars etc. Also make for a great option in twin turbo setups.

The price includes turbo and turbine housing as well as turbine inlet gasket, oil inlet nipple and oil outlet gasket.


  Compressor Turbine
Wheel inducer  62 mm  76 mm
Wheel exducer 90 mm 62 mm
Wheel blades 7+7 Billet 10 Inconel
Housing inlet 4' Hose connection


Turbine options:

3D T3 Twin scroll inlet | 14.7cm2 | 0.70 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

4A T4 Single scroll inlet | 13.2cm2 | 0.81 A/R | 3' V-flange outlet

4B T4 Twin scroll inlet | 16cm2 | 1.0 A/R | 3.5' V-flange outlet


Housing outlet 2' Hose connection


Double ball bearing cartridges

Oil inlet includes internal restrictor for correct oil mist supply



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