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European Distribution Center of Performance Turbos is powered by Powerpage in Denmark. Powerpage has a long history of engineered know-how and experience in building and devoloping forced induction applications in the racing industry.


We speak English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwidian.



Klokkehøj 12, Svejstrup

8660 Skanderborg


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Master Power is located in São Marcos, in Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil. It was founded in 1966. It has four manufacturing facilities totaling 16 thousand square meters. On the total area of 90 thousand square meters are expansion plans of its industrial base to serve the growing market demand for turbochargers. Significant and continuous investments to handle all production processes and quality monitoring in-house hase been conducted. Ongoing innovation, professional training, state of the art billet forged machining and ISO certificated business empower the company to meet the market globally for OEM and Aftermarket. The engineering department has the required flexibility on developing projects to meet any new requests from OEM clients or Aftermarket customers. Using state of the art advanced software and machinery ensures Master Power is capable of handling all requests and innovation in-house